25 Success Skills of Talented Managers

How Do Your Measure Up?

The best managers and supervisors don't just talk a good game. They demonstrate their skills through their actions on a daily basis. This assessment will help you learn what those skills are and give you a chance to reflect on whether or not you or another leader model them. 

Think about one leader. It might be you or another person in the organization.

Now work your way through the 25 leadership actions and for each consider how often the person you are rating successfully demonstrates it. It should take about 5 minutes.

Your leadership GPA

Upon completion, you will receive a score. This is your leadership grade point average (GPA). Here are the points associated with each rating option:

  • 4 points: "Almost always" 
  • 3 points: "Often"
  • 2 points: "Sometimes"
  • 1 point:   "Rarely"
  • 0 points: "Almost never"

3 ways this assessment will help you

  1. Learn the behaviors effective leaders demonstrate.
  2. Identify changes that have the greatest impact.
  3. Make an improvement plan.

Good luck!